Q: Why are there differing prices for articles etc.?
A: Some subjects are more complex to research and write about and this takes time. Typical complex subjects are: finance, technology and product reviews.
A: Some clients require a deeper coverage or more complex coverage of a subject and this takes time to undertake.

Q: Are there any subjects that you will not write on?
A: I cannot write on subjects that are illegal or immoral in some countries. This would include PE, guns, cigarette smoking, drug use and MLM etc.
A: Nor can I legally give advice on legal, financial or medical matters.

Q: How long does it take for you to write an article, plan or document?
A: It varies, an article will typically take from 2-3 days to research and write. A business plan takes from 1-3 weeks, depending upon complexity. I write according to when the request is received.
A: Bids, however, take priority due to the tight time frames and immovable submission dates.

Q: What happens if I change my mind?
A: Payment will be due for work undertaken so far. The document will NOT be released until payment has cleared.

Q: Will you ever use my article or document?
A: Once payment has cleared and only then, copyrights to the document will pass to you for you to do whatever you want with it.
A: No citation will be made to any article or document without your permission. This includes using it as my reference.
A: All articles are ghost written.

Q: Do you have references?
A: Yes some are shown on my upwork and guru site, some in this document and others on my websites. Due to the nature of the work no names are printed. All are genuine.
A: If you would like to reference my work this would be greatly appreciated.