About Articles Niche

Lee Lister is a published author of 16 books and has written thousands of articles, blogs, white papers, business plans, tenders, manuals and training courses.

She is a seasoned management consultant and program manager, having worked with all types of companies from start-ups to multi national corporations in many different countries.Her company is Biz Guru Ltd which you will see on all your PayPal receipts.

About Biz Guru Ltd

Biz Guru is a management consultancy with a specialty in project and bid management consultancy and training. We have over 30 years consultancy experience and have used this experience to produce our most popular training courses on CD’s. This allows you to train in your own time at your own desk!

Let’s Work Together

We’ve been around for a long time and we work all over the world, virtually and actually. This web site is part of our business and we behave in a business like manner. All requests are answered promptly.